Well, at least almost done. Some essentials have to wait until tomorrow morning. Mum will be picking me up at 8 to go to the airport, but I guess it’ll be easy to get up in time. Somehow I doubt it will be quite so easy to fall asleep tonight, though…:-P

I tried rolling my clothes this time, since it’s supposed to save space in the suitcase. I can’t really get my head around how that is supposed to work, but I’ve probably packed enough anyways. I’m only a little sad that I’ll have to make do without my pillow…:-(

To top it all off I’ve also traded away the only hotel I had booked which had a lift. I realised that staying near Shepherds Bush (West London) when everything I’d planned to do was near Barbican (East London) was a bit silly, really. The tube isn’t *that* much fun, especially if it’s going to stay as warm as now. Instead I booked myself into the Rookery Hotel. It looks amazing, and is within walking distance to both the Barbican Cantre and the Museum of London. Just check out this bathroom! 

Bathroom at the Rookery Hotel


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