Travel jitters?

According to all of my countdown apps there’s now less than 6 days until I’m supposed to be on a plane. First to Arlanda, then on to Heathrow. One night in London, then onwards via train to Conwy in North Wales.

Almost three weeks I’ll be spending in Wales. Three weeks that I’ve been planning for almost a year. A bit in jest I sometimes say that planning a trip is the best part. All the expectation over what I’ll get to see and experience. Juggling different activities to fit everything in, or, worse, having to prioritise when there’s just not enough time. Booking hotels and activities, reading tons of reviews to find the best of the best. I might be weird, but I love that. 😀

So, now that most everything has been planned out, all that’s left is to pack the bag. And to get going. 😉



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