Photo Frame logo, three photos in a stack on a blue background.

Photo Frame

Slideshow viewer with optional clock


Photo Frame displays a beautiful slideshow with your favorite photos, straight from the albums you already have on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Almost no configuration is needed, just select an album and enjoy! And if that's not enough, there are plenty of options to show off your pictures just the way you want.

Tap the screen to show/hide the bottom control bar, which gives you access to slideshows, play/pause and general settings. Pause the slideshow to linger on that special photo, and for that extra special one? Just create an album with a single picture and it will be shown forever. (Or until the battery runs out, whichever comes first.)

Privacy Policy

General settings

No distractions when viewing images? Turn off Show status bar to de-clutter the interface.

Don't want your device to sleep while viewing a slideshow? Turn on Prevent sleep to keep your pictures visible. (Though keep an eye on that battery meter if the device is not plugged in.)

Slideshow settings

Just tap a slideshow to start playing it. Want more control? Tap (i) > to get to the settings.

Slide duration
How long to show each slide.
Tap (i) > to select which (if any) transitions to use when changing images.
Transition length
How long it takes to move from image to image. For a cool effect, set the slide duration to 0, transition length to 10 seconds and disable all transitions except cross dissolve.
Fit to screen
Show the entire image on screen, with black background if it does not fit perfectly.
Fill screen
Fill the entire screen with each photo. Might lead to the images showing up cropped.
Best per image
Portrait images fill the screen in portrait orientation, but are fit to screen in landscape. Vice versa for landscape. Squares...are square.
Random order
Turn on to show images higgeldy-piggeldy, turn off to show them from first to last without jumping around.
Show clock
Turn off to just see your pictures, turn on to not lose track of time while gazing at them. Also for your viewing pleasure, tap (i) > to see all the things you can do with that clock to get your time just as you want it.

Clock settings

Time? All the time in the world, just the way you want it.

Where do you want your time? Top? Bottom? Right? Left? Right in the middle of it all?
Size and style
Small or big? Choose your own size, and add bold-ness or italics as you see fit.
Size, style and static color is shown here.
Choose your own color for the numbers - Text color - and the background. (Background color, yes). If you're feeling transparent, adjust the background alpha to let the photo show through.
Any special effects will completely disregard your own choice of colors. Choosing blur will also disregard background alpha. So why use them? Try them out, maybe you'll like them...
Blur and vibrancy
Adds the same sort of effect as in Apple's notification view and control center. (Developer's favorite)
Color from time
Color of the text or background will change (usually subtly) each second. Not for everyone or every slideshow, but give it a try if just one color all the time is waaaaaay too boring for you.