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Twitter: @SongTimeiOS

Available on the App Store

Song Time shows the remaining or elapsed time of the currently playing song in the Music app. Use it to see at a glance how long a song has been playing or the time left until the next song starts.

You can choose from several different themes to match your mood.

Touch the screen to play or pause the music while using the app.

Default theme

The default iPad theme.

Default theme, portrait

The Dark iPad theme in portrait orientation.

Navy theme

The Navy theme on iPad.

Bumblebee theme

The Bumblebee theme on iPad.

Settings, shown over the default theme

App settings, shown over the default iPad theme.

Default theme

The default iPhone theme.

Default theme, landscape

The default iPhone theme in landscape orientation.

Navy theme, iPhone

The Navy theme on iPhone.

Bumblebee theme, iPhone

The Bumblebee theme on iPhone.

Settings screen, iPhone

App settings on the iPhone.